Qom Atmospheric Distillation Unit of Hydrocarbons

The atmospheric distillation unit of heavy hydrocarbons with a capacity of 60,000 cubic meters per year was designed and implemented by the technical team of SinnoTech. This unit is located in Shookuhieh industrial zone of Qom and was put into operation in September 2017. The duration of this project was 24 months and the products of atmospheric distillation of hydrocarbons included: white spirit, kerosene, heavy naphtha and diesel. Distillation is one of the most important and common processes used to separate substances based on their boiling point differences.

This process is one of the direct methods of separation, which is done by heating the mixture and cooling the resulting vapors. In this industrial unit, a filled distillation tower is used in intermittent operation. Heavy naphtha is used in the production of gasoline, jet fuel and various solvents. White spirit is also widely used in solvent paint manufacturing industries. Kerosene is also used in jet and rocket fuel and also as a solvent in metal production processes. Diesel is widely used as a fuel for diesel engines and thermal installations.