Our Services

• Production of various agricultural fertilizers (granular, powder, and crystal forms):

Ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate urea, ammonium nitrate, mon-ammonium phosphate, di-ammonium phosphate, urea phosphate, manganese/iron/zinc/copper sulfate,

Superphosphates, micronized sulfur and bentonite, humic acid, amino acid, fish fertilizer, and seaweed.


• Production of composite fertilizers (NPK) in powder, granular, crystal, and liquid forms.


• Coating chemical fertilizers, such as coated urea.


• Production of chemical materials, such as potassium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, chlorinated paraffin, methylene chloride, polyaluminum chloride, sodium sulfate, and…


• Production of petroleum products: Distilling hydrocarbons in vacuum and atmospheric conditions, producing paraffin, vaseline, iso-pentane, sweetening liquids, refining and reprocessing waste oil, and…

• Processes for the production of agricultural fertilizers, chemical substances, and petroleum products.

• Various types of batch and continuous reactors.

• High-temperature furnaces, vacuum conditions, various dryers, and coolers.

• Electrolysis and electro-refining systems.

• Various dust collectors, cyclones, hydro-cyclones, ventury, and scrubbers.

• Various heat exchangers.

• Piping systems.

• Industrial automation, control, monitoring, and precision instrument systems.

• Material transfer equipment: conveyor belts, vibrating feeders, and elevators.

• Material grading equipment: various crushers, mills, and sieves.

• Gravity separation, filtration, and centrifugation equipment.

• Various distillation towers.

• Granulators and reactive granulators.

• Various atmospheric and pressurized storage tanks.

• Crystallizers and evaporators.

• Boilers.

• Water and wastewater treatment systems.

• Drying systems.

• Various types of fans.





Design of experiments, design, and construction of pilot plants (semi-industrial units), performing laboratory and pilot tests, and optimizing the data obtained from them to design production processes.


Preparation and development of technical and economic feasibility studies for various industrial and mining projects, including:


Technical studies, market studies, and market analysis.

Economic studies and analysis using specialized software (such as Camfar) and developing feasible plans to present to banks and financial institutions.




Investigation, dispatch of technical teams, and presentation of technical and operational solutions for troubleshooting, correction, and optimization of production lines in the downstream industries of oil, gas, and petrochemicals.