Asalouyeh and Chabahar Fertilizer Complexes

Petrol group plans to implement a specialized park for agricultural fertilizers and related industries in Asalouyeh and Chabahar. SinnoTech Company has conducted zero phase studies of the project during two consulting contracts. This project includes production units for intermediate products such as sulfuric acid from sulfur, phosphoric acid from phosphate rock and potassium hydroxide.

Also, the final products of these parks include widely used fertilizers in the country, such as bentonite and micronized sulfur, coated urea, super phosphate fertilizers, ammonium phosphate fertilizers, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, urea phosphate and Mono-potassium phosphate. In addition to the technical review of each of the production processes, SinnoTech Company has carried out global and domestic market studies of these products and has also carried out economic studies and analysis of the project. The total investment required for the implementation of each of the parks is estimated at 400 million dollars and the project implementation time is 48 months.